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Okanagan University College's Journal

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29th August 2004

clickclickboom9:28am: What day is the first day of classes?

17th March 2004

clickclickboom4:28pm: Happy UBC Day.

15th March 2004


embedded systems
Techie Required

Self-motivated hardware/firmware person
needed now for revision work
on a commercial audio product.

Must be able to deal with PIC assembly language, basic IDE interfacing
and hardware MP3 decoding.

Rates to be negotiated based on
your ability and malleability.

[For the unusually adept, equipment assembly work may also be available.]

Please send a brief description of
who you are and what you can do to rob@silk.net


5th March 2004

clickclickboom6:30am: How does one go about putting money on one's student card for photocopying? What about for buying food?

Also, where on campus can I print in color? Will it cost me money?

17th January 2004

clickclickboom5:06pm: Can anyone tell me what the OUC pride and sexuality support group is called, and where I can find info on them? I remember grabbing some info sheets during clubs day last semester, but I can't find any of them now.. I'm trying to write a journal entry for psychology, and I need to know the name, but the OUC website is being useless, as usual. Can anyone help me out?

1st October 2003

clickclickboom6:42pm: Hey, how's everyone enjoying their midterms? *cough*
Current Mood: stressed

20th September 2003

a_thespian8:45pm: My english professor is a cross between Ben Stein and a mad scientist.
Current Mood: amused

19th September 2003

a_thespian10:22am: I am really enjoying my drawing, and english class. Art history is great. Except she read out of the text book, so note taking is pointless (as is showing up) My 2D is as I predicted it a horrible brain numbing bla.

Although, something unpredicatble happened on tuesday. I was sitting in Caf. eating my dinner, when my class mates joined me. I am making friends. Creppy! So in all this isn't such a bad, little school after all. But why does campus pub does close at 6 on weekdays?
Current Mood: pleased
clickclickboom7:49am: Question: Would it be a horrible faux pas to wear a sweater to class that had the name/logo of a different university on the front?

18th September 2003

clickclickboom4:22pm: Don't play the five-second-rule game in the cafeteria.. :P


16th September 2003

opopanax9:30pm: When is the last day to drop classes?

14th September 2003

clickclickboom11:00am: Miark - How is your creative writing class? I think I might join.. Because if I have to sit through another one of my English classes as she explains WHAT A SONNET IS, I might just snap.

13th September 2003

clickclickboom6:06pm: Is anyone else having problems with PIPELINE? I get errors when I try to sign in.. and when I do finally succeed at signing in, there are errors and "access denied" things popping up everywhere when I try to access Student Services or pretty much anything else. The Classfinder is down too. What is going on?!

12th September 2003

opopanax4:43pm: Dilemma
I want to take Biological Anthropology.

There is only one offered next semester, and it has a waitlist of 3.

To take it, I need to drop my history course, which has a waitlist of 42.

If I do this and don't get into Bio anthro, I end up with a space of 5 hours between my classes, and nothing I've seen can fit in right.

Any ideas? Should I just go for it?

8th September 2003

clickclickboom4:02pm: "chill out" times
Today the beautiful boy in the blue sweater (miark) and I decided that it would be a good idea for all of us to post our BREAK schedules (as opposed to our class schedules), so that we can coordinate "hanging out" times between classes.

So here's the deal. If you get to the campus early or hang around after your classes are finished, post what time you get to school and what time you leave, and also post any blocks of spare time that you have in between. (Basically, any time that you will be on campus and not in class).

MWF 1020am-1130am AND 1220pm-130pm
TR 1250pm-(depends on when I leave and how I get home)

7th September 2003

a_thespian10:08am: Saturday classes are great. Now I think, they should also let you take 8 classes instead of 6.

4th September 2003

opopanax7:45pm: So, how's everyone enjoy it so far?

My classes are all very good (I especially dig anthropology *groan*), the people are alright, and I only have 1 prof with an accent.

So far, so good.

2nd September 2003

a_thespian4:09pm: Mon 10:00-11:50 - 01:00-03:50 2d
Tues 10:00-11:50 - 01:00-03:50 2d, 06:00-09:00 Art History
Thurs 10:00-11:50 - 01:00-03:50 Drawing
Sat 09:00-11:50 English 151

Slack? I know but after a year of theatre everything will be. However I don't think I am going to like my 5 hour classes.

31st August 2003

ariakan9:21pm: My courses

T COSC 218 8:00-9:20
F COSC 218 12:30-1:50
MWF COSC 219 8:30-9:20
MWF COSC 222 9:30-10:20
R COSC 236 8:30-9:50
F COSC 236 10:30-11:50
M COSC 304 1:00-2:20
F COSC 304 2:30-3:50


R COSC 218 1:00-2:50
T COSC 219 10:30-12:20
T COSC 222 12:30-2:20
R COSC 236 10:30-12:20
W COSC 304 10:30-12:20

I think that is right. Lots of stuff to keep track of. I am only taking sciences so of course my schedule is all screwy. (Damn you art people, taking all the good times.) If anyone is taking any first year computer sciences I am here to help. (I think I took almost every 100 level cosc course last year) Anyone have time off with me? I have a giant spare on monday (10:30-1:00), tuesday (9:30-10:30), and wednesday (12:30-2:30).
godcalledinsick5:49pm: Anyone in my classes?

MWF PHIL 114 11:30-12:20
TR SOCI 111 10:00-11:20
TR GEOG 111 11:30-12:50
TR ENGL 153 1:00-2:20
WF HIST 112 9:30-10:50
W GEOG 111L 2:30-4:20
Current Mood: optimistic
opopanax1:39pm: 120
Anyone taking pre-calc first semester? I'm going to be deadly bored and need to sit next to someone interesting.
the_freek12:20pm: KLO OUC
Am i the only person going to the downtown College?

30th August 2003

clickclickboom7:23pm: my classes
MWF - 0930am-1020am - SPAN 111 002
MWF - 1130am-1220pm - ASTR 111 001
MWF - 0130pm-0220pm - ENGL 150 001
TR - 1000am-1120am - SOCI 111 003
TR - 1130am-1250pm - PSYC 111 003
F - 0230pm-0520pm - ASTR 111 L01

Anyone with me in any of these?
a_thespian11:24am: With 4 days before class begins. After 4 months of wanting to beat the admin to near death with a 2x4 with 3" floor screws. I finally have a schedule semi worth going to. For this I am pleased.

Whos all going to the orintation?

28th August 2003

opopanax7:12am: Right, there we are then.
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